Sky Charts

Curious about the night sky?

This star chart is special; designed just for Coal Creek Canyon. We collect night sky events that folks in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado would see, such as lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and lunar phases. A section on planets gives readers rise and setting times at around the middle of the month. We also collect information about International Space Station (ISS) passes, Hubble passes, and Iridium flares where sun geometry reflecting off of solar panels results in dazzling brightening of the satellite passing overhead.

skymap_smallDownload June 2019 CCC Sky Chart

The star chart itself is generated from desktop software Cartes du Ciel. The sky events are gathered from Starry Night desktop software and other astronomy resources across the web. Satellite events are gathered from the awesome website All of this information is consolidated and the star chart is created by John Williams, a Solar System Ambassador, science writer, web developer and graphic designer who lives in the canyon.