• Next Meeting

    Our next meeting is SUNDAY, January 20th – From 7 to 9:30 PM at the CCCIA Hall. Come hear about the latest space missions including the New Horizons spacecraft’s flyby of the Kuiper Belt Object called ULTIMA THULE! Carolyn Collins Petersen will give a presentation on what it was like to spend New Year’s Eve and the next few days with the scientists and engineers who made this incredible celestial feat possible! She will share the latest images of Ultima Thule and what the scientists are saying about this object from a region of primordial objects that holds keys to understanding the origins of our solar system!

    Be there also to share the experience of the start of the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE the night of the meeting! Bring warm clothes. We’ll also have a presentation from Leonard David with updates on international space missions – including the exciting Chinese mission that landed a rover on the farside of the Moon on January 3rd. John Williams will also give us the latest astronomy news. During and after the meeting, we’ll have our telescopes set up for watching the first stages of the total lunar eclipse, weather permitting.

    In case you can’t make it to our meeting, at least look out your window! Here are the details:

    Moon enters the “penumbra” stage – 7:36 PM
    Moon enters “umbra” – 8:33 PM
    Total Eclipse begins – 9:41 PM
    Moon deepest in shadow – 10:12 PM
    Total eclipse ends – 10:43 PM
    Moon leaves umbra – 11:51 PM
    Moon leaves the penumbra stage – 12:48 AM

    Check out our Sky Watchers Facebook page that Carolyn Collins Petersen created for us.

  • Upcoming Sky Events

    New Moon – December 7
    Geminids Meteor Shower – December 13, 14
    Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation – December 15
    First Quarter Moon – December 15
    Winter Solstice – December 21 – 3:22 PM MST
    Mercury near Jupiter – December 21
    Full (Cold, Long Nights, Moon Before Yule) Moon – December 22
    Ursid Meteor Shower – December 21, 22
    Last Quarter Moon – December 29


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Sky Charts

This star chart is special; designed just for Coal Creek Canyon. We collect night sky events that folks in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado would see, such as lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and lunar phases. A section on planets gives readers rise and setting times at around the middle of the month. We also collect information about International Space Station (ISS) passes, Hubble passes, and Iridium flares where sun geometry reflecting off of solar panels results in dazzling brightening of the satellite passing overhead.

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Scope Doctors

Have a new telescope and want to learn to use it? Have a telescope that has a few “issues?” Want to learn a few things to see in the sky? We can help with that. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. This is a volunteer service, so please be patient with us.